Project title: “Matrix of knowledge for innovation and competitiveness in textile enterprises - TexMatrix”

Project title: Matrix of knowledge for innovation and competitiveness in textile enterprises – TexMatrix

Objectives of the project:

·         Development of work-based training envisaging improvement of key competences both to employers and employees in the textile field

·         Improving the innovation capacity of textile enterprises

·         Fostering use of ICT in innovation processes within textile enterprises

·         Improving strategic cooperation between research providers and enterprises in textiles at transnational level

Approach of TexMatrix:

•       Defining and implementing the Knowledge Matrix for Innovation (KMI) in textile enterprises

ilustratie TexMatrix 3D 

The Outputs of the project follow this red line:

O1. The Knowledge matrix for innovation

O2. The Benchmarking study

O3.  The Guide with new solutions for textile enterprises

O4. The E-learning tool and work-based training ( )

Multiplier events: the 5 workshops (100 professionals from the textile industry envisaged)

Blended courses: 5 blended courses (95 trainees envisaged)


Target group :

A. Decision – making enterprise staff: managers, HR specialists, professionals

B. Young workforce: young employees, textile students and scholars, young unemployed workforce

=> addressed by Multiplier events  (Workshops)

=> addressed by Blended courses